Compared to wired networks, wireless networks offer organizations additional convenience for mobile employees with access to information anywhere in the organization. However, such convenience also creates a new avenue for attackers to break into the company’s networks. It is therefore critical for organizations to assess their wireless networks regularly to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, and ensure enough protection is in place to protect these networks.

Performing wireless vulnerability assessments regularly allow to identify how a potential attacker can cause a threat to your system abusing the Wi-Fi network. We use different procedures to identify and address these vulnerabilities. There are uncountable public exploits and techniques that can be used to bypass Wi-Fi security countermeasures as:

  • Man-In-The-Middle attacks
  • WPA and WPA Enterprise capture in .pcap format for password brute forcing.
  • De-authentication attacks
  • Traffic dumping

Hackers succeed with these types of attacks because companies do not press attention to maintain the security of Wi-Fi networks.


All our findings, recommendations, and suggestions are contained in a report. They concern specific Wi-Fi misconfigurations and patching procedures.


In addition, we offer an information session after each evaluation. The information session includes a discussion on techniques used to compromise the Wi-Fi network, patching procedures, and a direct question and answer session with the evaluation team. This is an essential part of our service.