Websites Penetration Testing

Websites are the public face of businesses, so any security issue related to the company website can damage the reputation of it. To keep a website secured is necessary to perform continuous analyses, assessments, and penetration testing.

The security risk related to websites are endless; access to the background operating system, lateral movement to access hierarchal servers, data breach, and loss of business reputation are few consequences of vulnerable website applications.

Pruebas de PenetraciĆ³n en Sitios Web

The security risk related to websites is infinite and latent; access to the operating system, lateral movement to access hierarchical servers, data breach and loss of business reputation are some consequences of unauthorized access through a website.

RedDefense Global will put your corporate websites to the test. We use advanced scanners, manual penetration tests and different techniques that will include among others:

  • Website tracking
  • Controlled brute force attacks
  • Source code review
  • Folders permissions
  • Injections attacks
  • XSS vulnerabilities
  • LFI/RFI testing

Unauthorized access to websites is an easy target for hackers; It is due to the combination of different website technologies such as JavaScript, SQL, CSS and HTML. The website attack can be carried out anonymously using any browser; In addition, automated tools and scanners such as SQLMAP and Burp-Suite are extremely powerful.

Our testing procedures are closely coordinated with the customer's system administrators and scheduled under their supervision. This is necessary to find out if the potential vulnerabilities are false positives or real vulnerabilities. After testing, we will provide you with effective methods to patch, update or remove the vulnerability according to the situation to keep your websites safe.