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Adherence to industry compliance and technology certifications is vital to maintaining a robust security profile. RedDefense Global is, therefore dedicated to ensuring its security products and technologies meet and exceed critical industry certifications and compliance requirements.

Our Mission.

To relentlessly apply a systematic approach to strengthen and to protect the security of our client’s assets from known or newly discovered cyber threats. The aim is achieved by promptly and effectively pinpointing any vulnerability in their security systems.

Our Vision.

To become the largest and most trusted cyber-security firm providing effective security assessment solutions and enhancing the security awareness of our business partners.


RedDefense Global is a cyber-security service provider that offers security solutions to companies in different areas, with a staff whose experience has been proven in advanced vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and information security services. Our training and services are constantly updated.

Our job is to find vulnerabilities in your company through an offensive, professional and innovative process. We distinguish ourselves by the positive impact that our services provide to our national and international clients.

At RedDefense Global, we focus on a high-impact process to protect your technology network. Our reputation is long-standing in the offensive cybersecurity industry, and we possess a skill set to eliminate vulnerabilities in your systems with the goal of exponentially increasing your company's cybersecurity.

We provide a comprehensive security assessment to ensure your business technology networks are secure for you and your customers. Not only are we competent because of our track record, we must also mention that our constant improvement in the field of offensive computer security, to which our highly respected international professional certifications can attest; allows us to offer a highly specialized service.

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